Artwork by Michael Daoud

1.000,00 kr

[Sob-hiy-eh] is a lingua franca phrase used only in spoken form. Mostly known among women and queers (no-children policy) as a form of socialising and highlight of the day, due to the amount of news and gossip which is exchanged during the morning meeting, it regards various subjects: family, neighbours, friends, and, most importantly, their men.

[Sob-hiy-eh] is a word used to describe an eventful morning gathering to drink Middle Eastern-coffee “and more.” Traditionally visitors bring the coffee pot with them.

Our routines before the pandemic included these rhythmic morning meetings, where we could express ourselves freely and discuss problems, fears, ex-lovers, and bad relationships. On top of that, [Sob-hiy-eh] was a therapeutic convention to release the tension that one had accumulated from constantly facing reality. We all need a getaway, and [Sob-hiy-eh] was one. However, that all shifted, having to drink coffee with oneself was the only thing that there suddenly was! It is as simple as that! You and your room; your thoughts become an autonomous thing on its own. The world is our room right now.

The artwork takes the shape of a collage-based poster, visualising [Sob-hiy-eh] during the lockdown. Using augmented reality, [Sob-hiy-eh] is possible regardless of the strict rules, as it brings the 2D poster to a moving poster in a real-time environment using the ARTIVIVE AR-platform (augmented reality).

All that opens a new understanding of the 21st century, wondering what kind of impact that does it have on societies across the globe. Are we slowly moving into living in the “cloud”? Is our behaviour turning artificial?!

The print is a part of the Through Solidarity, We Survive initiative by CoCulture, Berlin, and is produced a limited edition of ten prints for Oslo World Festival. The art work is presented in Fotogalleriet's webshop as a part of the institution's collaboration with Oslo World Festival.

About the Artist

Michael Daoud is a multi-disciplinary queer ARTivist. They grew up in Egypt, studied Art and Architecture in Latakia, Syria, and they are today based in Berlin, Germany. Their works have been exhibited/performed at Rundgang 2019-2017 UDK, Schwules Museum, Berlin Aids-Hilfe, Hans Böckler Stiftung-Düsseldorf, Heimatmuseums-Landshut, Maxim Gorki theatre, Ballhous Naunynstr, Uferstudios, Theater im Delphi, and Villa Neukölln in Germany, along with other places in Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Turkey, and Greece.