Artwork by Yerevan Hassan

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House No. 12

There is no need any more to sneak up in the abandoned houses to have moments of eyesight. I can't believe I lived in our magical neighborhood.

Look at Beirut, a city that seems every day to be more and more anchored with houses.

“Why does Hamouda Tower appear in pink?”

This conversation takes place with Maria, while she is leaning against two large bags full of garments.

We are surrounded by baggage, cartons boxes, black bags and lots of junk stuffs.

On a surface in the middle of Jeitawi, hanging in a small room, that has a space to the hearts of Mary and Omar in the coming days.

“I hope this does not last to the next year. Can you imagine that?”

Her eyes suddenly open, their blackness gleams like an exploding travelling in the unknown.

I can almost touch it with my finger if I were near her.

This is the time that I am most thoughtfully considering relocation.

The possibility of the end of the world made the world less important. Everything seems not great at all.

If I had the same problem two months ago, I would have gone foolish.

I am not trying to avoid the panic I'm used to. My panic was no longer waiting for me. There is no point in stress and tension. This idea leaked to my thoughts like a virus.

Here I avoid telling her we have talked about this before, but a person learns from their personal experiences. Because these types of comments make her nervous, I have no desire to test friends jokes while I was watching my friend resisting this noise while her shoulders are relaxing. A gelatinous present is climbing up to her mind that such present does not seem to have any end soon, at least now.

She continues:

“But do you know? We talked about something like this before. I know this comes to your mind.”

We learned to fish the worries and anxiety as if these worries are life-stimulating.

" Call me when she arrives. She is late and she is not used to arrive late. They do not answer our calls. I can’t find my wallet. You won’t find it sooner if you are nervous.

The way I interact with an event moves me, but it does not move the event itself. Why don't I relax if the end is out of my control?

I spent the past year impersonating the octopus, and I spent time trying to reconcile the extremes of my story. Music album, new love, moving between multiple houses, working in thousand jobs, finding a program for artists’ protection, creating a travel plan, and seeking the help of all the contacts and the contacts of the contacts to actualize the travel plan.

I had an appointment with the United Nations to obtain an asylum seeker title, only seven years after leaving Syria. I can’t travel without this privilege. We got an appointment in a half year and we waited. Then the Coruna virus came. “See what we have now. I thought I would sing in New Year's Eve at a bar in Buenos Aires.” The future accidentally left my head. The future fell from the top of the planet.

Let me sister tell you what is the important thing. Tension differs from intuition. This is another dimension. From the first moment, I felt that we would not stay long at Majd’s house. I arranged the place as I would like it to be, and the room turned into an area that resembled us in a few days, as you know me. But the feeling was similar to the camping feeling. I didn't feel it the last house I would live in Beirut. Of course, I never imagined that things would go this bad. Do you imagine that you would leave your house because your neighbor molested you and beat your friend, but you can’t do anything because you don’t have the residency card and there is no one to protect you?

However, I am sure that all that happened only as reasons for throwing me in this wonderful place to say a Goodbye to this city.

House No. 12. This might become my lucky number.

The print is a part of the Through Solidarity, We Survive initiative by CoCulture, Berlin, and is produced a limited edition of ten prints for Oslo World Festival. The art work is presented in Fotogalleriet's webshop as a part of the institution's collaboration with Oslo World Festival