Victor Boullet

A Joyful Confusion

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A Joyful Confusion hints at the varied subject matter that has come under Victor Boullét's artistic oeuvre - his scrutiny becoming subject to his skewed perspective on the world.

The various series of images in this book seem to be unrelated and unconnected, when in fact there is very much a common thread running throughout the book. Boullet bases his work on confusing, indeterminate and cryptic messages, he wants his works to remain open to a diversity of interpretations; there is therefore no text to come to the rescue.

His approach to his work is the search for the absurd, coupled with an underlying doubt about the way we stage our lives – Boullet demonstrates the absurdity of the most bizarre aspects of postmodernist life and is sceptical to the individual's need to orchestrate scenes in his own life. Boullet asks: are these stagings true or false? A sense of belonging and acceptance is a recurrent theme in his work.

This publication is not a retrospective, but a vehicle allowing Boullet to explore and develop works in progress. The second phase in this process is found in his following book Social Hypocrite.

Published by Lauren Monchar
ISBN: 9780954401603
168 pages, 18,5x21,5 cm
Edition of 2000