Albert Grøndahl


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Bayou is published together with the exhibition, of the same name, at Exhibit No. 9 (Asbury Park, New Jersey).

Photography’s narrative potential interests Grøndahl, not in terms of the logics of straightforward storytelling or the effort to illustrate preconceived and abstract notions, but in the sense that the images may point to a person’s inner life and to the hidden secrets of a place, its cultural meaning or private connotations.
It's an act of confrontation with the alien outside world and with one’s own speechless dreams and emotions.

Albert Grøndahl has been honored twice by prestigious Magnum Photo, and has exhibited in Jerusalem, Prague, Beijing, New York, Marseilles, Milan, Bratislava, Seoul among others.

Published by October
ISBN: 9788799662821
32 pages, 16x23cm
Edition of 200
Editing and design by Hans Munk