Iikka Tolonen


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Härkälä is a book by Finnish photographer Iikka Tolonen, based on the documentation of a group of befriended hell-raisers in the suburbs of Helsinki. Härkälä is a photo-poetic story of the harsh world of men stepping out of the system to live their lives in their own way. The Härkälä guys used to make their living with self-made car repair shops and spent a lot of time drinking and having a wild time. Time has touched them with a sledgehammer but despite that they don’t give up. Härkälä, roughly translated as oxville, is an attempt to enter the reality of a social environment, which started as an innocent documentary project yet began to paint a picture of a kind of social isolation found in contemporary Finland.

Iikka Tolonen (b. 1968) is winner of the Nordic Dummy Award 2014. The Nordic Dummy Award is an initiative by Fotogalleriet, Oslo, and The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers and granted annually in connection with the Fotobokfestival Oslo.

Published by Kehrer Verlag
ISBN: 9783868285505
88 pages