Simon Berg


400,00 kr

Close-ups of body parts, still life and other everything things.

The realistic photography of Simon Berg let us view the world from a more physical perspective than we are used to. The claustrophobic close ups of body parts and everyday items break the boundaries of our vision and penetrate deep in to the objects themselves. Like the foot, which can not be viewed as a foot any longer since the focus is on the details; the crooked toes pressed to the floor, the blood filled skin’s pattern and the sharp nails slowly pressing themselves out of the flesh.

But ”(III)” is also a personal project which revelovement around objects is characterized by melancholy as well as a longing for what used to be. It is closed and stuffy and the scene on which this asocial realism take place is surrounded by a compact darkness that does not let the eyes escape.

Published by Blackbook Publications
ISBN: 9789197831734
42 prints, 120x100mm
Edition of 200