1.200,00 kr

I don’t make books to make money, 
I make them to show you what I 
by putting images side by side, 
tekst and images goes side by side. 
I want you to have something that i have made, 
that you know that i like.
I really want you to take care of this objekt, 
its not verry menny of these, 
its just a 100 books and its not even a book its a box with
homemade stickers,
a book, 
a CD, 
a print,
its there to make you understand, 
to entertane you in the dark days that is about to come.

– Maria Pasenau

The promising young photo artist Maria Pasenau has released her second artist book, in connection with her exhibition Pasenau and the Devil at Fotogalleriet. The book can be read as a continuation of the exhibition and as an art work on its own.

In addition to Pasenau's photographs and poems, the publication includes texts by Editor-in-Chief of Wallet Elise By Olsen, Director of Collections at Norway's National Museum Stina Högkvist, artist Bjarne Melgaard, musician Kristoffer Cezinando Karlsen and Artistic Director of Fotogalleriet Antonio Cataldo.