Beate Gütschow

Beate Gütschow: S

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Digitally manipulated works that question photography’s status as the representative of reality.

At first glance, the large-format black-and-white photographs by Beate Gütschow (*1970 inMainz) are reminiscent of authentic documentations of urban scenes: monumental architecture, decaying buildings, rusty automobile parts. Yet the images are the result of complex digital manipulation: they are montages consisting of numerous photos taken by Gütschow on her various journeys and later assembled to create a single picture. They are often fragments of aging modern architecture—plain, unadorned concrete buildings, now crumbling and in part non-functional.

In this way, the artist thematizes ideas that have survived modernity while she also explores and scrutinizes the medium of photography as a representative of reality.

Published by Hate Cantz
ISBN: 9783775725286
72 pages, 30.80x38.20 cm
Edited by Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
Texts by Ulrich Bischoff, Anna-Catharina Gebbers
Design by Maria Magdalena Koehn