Linn Pedersen 

Floor arrangement #2, 2012

7.500,00 kr

60 x 48 cm, giclée print, innrammet / framed, ed.: 25

In Linn Pedersen’s Floor Arrangements (2012) she takes photos of material clusters on the studio floor. Lumps of clay spray-painted in vivid colors, resembling cartographic sketches or saturated flower decorations. These images are attempts at a kind of “sculptural” photography, where the images are simultaneously undefined and concrete, dirty and beautified. In her exhibitions Pedersen creates site-specific, sculptural continuations of the photographic motifs in the gallery space. 

The Relief Fund for Visual Artists (BKH) was created by the Norwegian Parliament in connection with the law on art purchases of 1948 (Statute of November 4. 1948, Fee on Sale of Visual Art a.o.). This law states that the buyer of art shall pay a fee of 5% in addition to the price, provided the price is higher than 2000 NOK. The art dealer shall collect the fee and send it to BKH, which then returns the funds to the artists of Norway in the form of grants and scholarships for the new production of art. Each buyer will be contacted directly after purchase. 5% of the price will be billed after purchase together with an agreed shipping fee.