Jacob Kirkegaard

Earside Out

450,00 kr

On occassion of Jacob Kirkegaard's solo Earside Out at Museum of Contemporary Art in Denmark in 2015, a book was be released:

This 130 page hard cover book Earside Out is a rich collection of Kirkegaard's photos with in-depth descriptions of his most important works from the last 10 years. The book includes works like; Eldfjall, Tørst, Isfald, Aion, Labyrinthitis, and Matter of Memory.
Earside Out also comes with texts and essays written especially for this book.

This book is designed by Signe Lupnov and is produced by Museum of Contemporary Art & Jacob Kirkegaard.

Published by Museum of Contemporary Art in Denmark
Design: Signe Lupnov
130 pages
Texts by Julie Martin, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Douglas Kahn, Jacob Lillemose and Jacob Kirkegard