Christian Tunge

The Games

180,00 kr

Christian Tunge (b. 1989 in Stavanger) works with found material from the Olympic Games and the stories and myths around it. The book was nominated for KALEID Editions 2016.

Using the colors and motifs of the Olympic rings dispersed throughout his book, Tunge unites photographs of Olympic athletes with images implicitly associated with the Olympics — the atomic bomb, a partially destroyed sports car, a soldier jumping through a burning hoop. The Gamesexposes themes of disability and ability, the interplay between the two, victory and defeat, and the effects - good and bad - of technological innovation. Tunge surprises the viewer with ostensibly unexpected images, ones which upon closer analysis reveal meaningful connections rarely seen amidst the fanfare of the Olympic Games.

Published by Heavy Books
32 pages, 18 x 25 cm
Saddle stitched
Edition of 100