Karina-Sirkku Kurz


300,00 kr

The central theme in Kurz’s artistic confrontation is the human body; the body as a projection surface of wishes, hopes, and expectations. Ungleichgewicht (imbalance) approaches essential traits of eating disorders. These are based on narratives by affected people with whom Kurz worked intensively for a lengthy period of time. In their visual language, the resulting photographs and citations are far removed from a stereotyped treatment of the subject matter. This is an expressive, poetic book, which approaches a concrete and disturbing theme in a sensitive and conceptual manner. 

Kurz’s work on eating disorders has been nominated for numerous prizes, including the Prix Voies Off and Dummy Award Kassel 2015. The work was award-winner of the Vattenfall Photo Prize in co-operation with C/O Berlin and Ungleichgewicht is the winning book of the Nordic Dummy Award 2015. The award is handed out annually by the Fotogalleriet and the Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers during the Oslo Photobook Festival.

Designed by Studio YUKIKO
ISBN: 9783868286816
104 pages, 18,5 x 24,5 cm
Editors: Karina- Sirkku Kurz and Stephanie von Spreter