Artwork by Ala' Hamameh

1.000,00 kr

Without exception, physicians as well as medical health care practitioners are having in hospitals, the international medical centers and health sectors a fierce confrontation and an unprecedented situation in human history to tackle COVID-19 that has unexpectedly challenged the world. In addition to offering the required medical treatment and care to irrelevant COVID-19 diseases, physicians and medical health care practitioners are making persistent efforts in treating the COVID-19 infected people and contacts of COVID-19 who need high health care at a time of a continuous worldwide spread of COVID-19 as the number of COVID-19 infected people reached more than 6.5 million people. It seems that the hopefulness of the world waking up from the globalized COVID-19 pandemic is due to the physicians, nurses and health care practitioners to whom the entire world owes thanks and appreciates in these challenging times.

The print is a part of the Through Solidarity, We Survive initiative by CoCulture, Berlin, and is produced a limited edition of ten prints for Oslo World Festival. The art work is presented in Fotogalleriet's webshop as a part of the institution's collaboration with Oslo World Festival. 

About the Artist

Ala’ Hamameh was born in Syria in 1983 and is an independent artist, photographer, graphic designer and calligrapher. He completed his B.Sc in fine arts at Damascus University in 2005.

Hamameh’s work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions “Gedächtnis eines Koffers” at Basis in Frankfurt and “a suitcase memory” and Dialogue Tables” at Europia, Paris. Alongside his solo exhibitions he has appeared internationally in numerous group exhibitions across Syria, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Lebanon, Turkey, Switzerland and Germany including “Syria off Frame” in Venice Biennale, through Imago Mundi Art, Italy (2015), at Contemporary Istanbul (2016) and “Neue Räume, Neue Perspektiven” Räumen der Stiftung Mercator -Berlin, Germany (2020).