Kobie Nel

Black Lake Monologue

300,00 kr

"Kobie Nel’s work operates at the boundary between these two classifications. The subjects occupying the place of her are always unknowable, and the things that are of her (that is, the outward traces of her) are radically open to manipulation and reproduction. The products of Nel’s research promise a new kind of intimacy with the subject, but deliberately stop short of their mark. They wear proudly the ambivalence of their maker. It is fitting, then, that she chose to conclude her nearly three-year-long project with an unmarked gravestone. A stone with no purpose has, as far as I can tell, at least two purposes—as a marker for an unknown woman, and as a commemoration of artistic work realised. It mimes finality, but there is so much more to be done."

Dan Miller
Chicago, IL, USA
October 2017

Kobie Nel’s thorough research based artistic practice centers around the voice of the silenced woman, a woman whose public profile has been shaped by the male gaze through exaggerated representations and rumors. 'Black Lake Monologue' features an annotated text from a performance and lecture where Nel expands upon her extensive research of the ‘Isdalskvinnen case’ through her studio practice.

The book was represented at the Bergen Book Fair in 2017.

Published by Coda Press
ISBN: 978-82-690890-0-4