Muscle Temple

B.L.A.D. Issue nr. 8 - Muscle Temple

60,00 kr

Devoted to body and muscles, this issue of BLAD will explore the fascinating world of bodybuilding. Pictures, articles, ads and other good stuff about a strong and perfect body filled with rock-hard muscles. "Imagine walking through your local beach or neighborhood swimming area… Friends noticing your titanic legs, your manly shoulder, rock hard stomach muscles, and last but not least, your full high-peaked biceps that attract second glances from all." With other words, this issue is for strong and heavy readers!

Blank Blank is a Finnish-pan-Nordic creative studio with a Latin twist. Like a shrimp-sandwich with a splash of lemon. We make books, publications, prints, and visual experiments, both on- and offline. Blank Blank is part of the Muscle Temple studio. Our office is located in Berlin, Kreuzberg.