Emanuel Cederqvist

Det som blir kvar

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Det som blir kvar is a moving documentation of what is left of an estate once its contents are divided up and sold off. His photos captures the intermediary stage between one life and the next, whilst retaining the objective gaze of administration.

"I have been a photographer for real estate agents in Gothenburg since 2009. The homes I visit are often clean, styled and the personal belongings are removed, nevertheless what is private is clearly visible.

There are many different reasons why a house will be sold. Often it’s because someone’s life situation has changed radically. Separations, births or death.

There is something extremely sad with the homes where someone has died. There is always a certain sentiment in the air. What remains is a collection of photos from the estates where someone just died, taken between 2009 and 2013."

- Emanuel Cederqvist

Published by Blackbook Publications
ISBN: 9789197831796
48 pages, 215x265 cm
Edition of 400