Holm-Johnsen, Oulie

En fotohistorie - Fra synsmaskiner til Instagram

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The Preus Museum by Karljohansvern in Horten has one of the most impressive international collection of photos in Norway. The photos span from photographs, technical equipment and an encompassing library. Preus Museum functions as a national photo museum documenting the very origin of photography from 1893. 

En fotohistorie - Fra synsmaskiner til Instagram is an extraordinary book showcasing not only the Preus Museum and its collection, but also offers artistic encounters with known photographers like Edward Steichen and Edward S. Curtis, and Norwegian heavyweights such as Anders Beer Wilse, Knud Knudsen, Knut Bry and Tom Sandberg.

As the growth of technology and digitization continues to rise, what remains certain is that photography has a pivotal role when it comes to addressing both historical, political and cultural tendencies of its media in our contemporary time - one flooded with images and precisely, photography. 

Published by Forlaget Press
ISBN: 9788275477710
468 pages
Editors: Hanne Holm-Johnsen, Hege Oulie