Yamile Calderon

From His Point of View I Am An A4 Person

150,00 kr

"My artistic practice deals with issues such as identity, self-representation, portraiture, and documentation as social phenomena. The identity theme is present in my work in two aspects: The first aspect is portraiture as genre and the identity’s relationship with the subject, which is represented. The second aspect is the individual’s identity inside of a society, which gives them a social identity."

Yamile Calderon (b.1974) Studied photography at Bergen National Academy of the Arts. She lives in Oslo where she also works as a lecturer at Oslo Photo Art School. She published her first photo-book “From His Point of View I am an A4 Person” in 2008. Calderon has participated in various collective exhibitions and has presented her work in the International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China and Hong Kong.

Calderon´s photographic work is influenced by her background as a journalist and her work as an artist. She works in the documentary field and her interests are very much in social phenomenon and identity. She works mostly with portraits, interiors and landscapes. Calderon is interested in analysing the role of contemporary documentary photography, and she wants to be part of the debate and exchange of ideas about different visual and narrative strategies to tell stories and interpret the reality.