Timo Kelaranta

House of Poets

350,00 kr

This aptly named Photobook is filled with visual poetry, simplicity of style, and the craft of a master.

The House of Poets presents images by Finnish photographer Timo Kelaranta from the past five years. The energy of the magical pictures derives from a combi nation of play and experimentation. Kelaranta works with found materials, suchlike as Twigs, thread, leaves, metal, plastic and paper - and Creates quiet images That invite meditation.

Most of the photographs in the book are from a 'recent series on the theme of paper as material. The geometric shapes of a circle, ellipse or drop are repeated in the pictures, yet emptiness Also plays an IMPORTANT role, making the pictures approach the boundary between the material and the immaterial, THUS Adding two themselve an element of silence and timelessness.