Oliver Sieber

Imaginary Club 2 (magazine)

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Youth and culture, music and society, identity and the search for individuality – these are the themes that define the works of photographer Oliver Sieber. Sieber seeks out clues in subcultural milieus, visiting clubs, concerts and illegal parties in Los Angeles, Toronto, Tokyo, Osaka, New York and small-town Germany. Here, he comes into contact with Punks, Visu’s, Psychobillies, Gothic Lolitas and Cosplayers – people who define their identity through codes, demonstrating membership of one group while distancing themselves from the mainstream.

This is the second of three planned editions by Oliver Sieber, whose portraits of counterculture youths and punks convey a complicated and often ornate aesthetic dictated both by individual style and the codes of group identity. Classic portraits of subjects against black or white backdrops are juxtaposed against nighttime city-scapes, figures isolated against the vast streets or hardly interacting at parties and bars. Printed on unbound matte paper broadsheets.

Published by Böhm/Kobayashi Publishers
12 pages
Edition of 150