Bård Ek


300,00 kr

LED is Bård Ek's fourth publication and is distributed in standard editions, as well as limited and numbered editions with a print included. 

From the exhibition: 
"In my project LED, I explore what happens to the landscape when I using artificial light in nature. On the one hand, nature aestheticized, but also transformed into a super naturalistic or surreal state. If we think about the landscape as an expression of a bodily or mental condition, nature will transform and  become a metaphor for man's relationship with himself and his own nature. We constantly push the boundaries by artificial intervention of our natural conditions and ideal approaching a super human. Therefore it is a natural consequence that we also manipulate and artificially enhances the nature as a super natural state. To achieve the perfect nature and climate we now considering to use the latest technology to artificially manipulate nature, to gain control of climate and nature. I've gone out in nature with artificial light to hunt for the staged and artificial nature image. Nature is super natural."

- Bård Ek