Crispin Gurholt

Live Photo Dikt #0-27

300,00 kr

Live Photo Dikt #0-27 consists of a collection of verses that relate to Gurholt’s long-term artistic project LIVE PHOTO, which explores the connection between photography and its instantaneousness, as well as our relationship to reality via fictive set- ups. Live Photo Dikt #0-27 acts as a literary continuation of LIVE PHOTO. The verses, however, simultaneously claim an independent existence without the image, thus without its visual reference.

Gurholt’s motivation to work in a book format emanates from a lengthy investigation into the translation of his visual motifs from one artistic form of expression to another: from live installation to photography, to film, to painting. The book is the result of a further translation process, exploring how motifs or moments can unfold into various directions and take the form of different narratives through the use of text and the intervals in between.

Live Photo Dikt #0-27 is a combined philosophical, emotional and aesthetic reflection where all perspectives, approaches and considerations can be interchanged, shifting between the I, he, her, them, us and that: from being an observer to being the one observed, from object to subject. This is further enhanced by the use of different voices, the lack of full stops and capital letters in the verses, thus also disrupting a preconceived timeline where time and space is not confined. The verses carry visible and invisible references to theory, as well as to various philosophers and writers who have been central to the development of LIVE PHOTO. They express a critical reflection on art, including a reflection on the role and significance of the image/photography today.

In the book one can also detect parody as a protagonist, as a continuation of Gurholt’s most recent solo exhibition Please Kill Me at Galleri K. Here the protagonist is likened to Dionysos in Aristophanes’ satirical play The Frogs, where he disguises himself and parodies the hero to travel down to the underworld, in order overcome speechlessness and return poetry to the living.

A collection of poems in Norwegian by Crispin Gurholt
Design in collaboration with NODE Berlin Oslo
Edition of 250