Bjarne Bare


150,00 kr

MAR consists of recent work by Bjarne Bare made in and around Los Angeles. In MAR, the collection of images suggests an interest in the return to street photography – while simultaneously dealing in matters of abstraction, narration and the picture plane in photographs as pictures. As the title seemingly refers to the majority of the images, depicting details of worn car hoods due to excess sun exposure – it indirectly points to the more casual images, sequenced in between, depicting the disarray of objects surrounding us. As with pictures, the value of focus in the details of the car hoods does not lie in the thing itself, but rather in the particulars carried within their surface.

Published by Cornerkiosk Press
ISBN: 9788299864091
44 pages, 18x13 cm
Edition of 250
Designed and edited by Bjarne Bare.