Kjetil Kausland

No Holds Barred

100,00 kr

The performance No Más is the logical result of Kjetil Kauslands year long artistic research into the martial art genre Mixed Martial Art (MMA).

His book and exhibition No Holds Barred from 2006 consists of photographs from more than 150 MMA fights that Kausland has photographed in several countries over a period of four years. Parallel to working with his photographs, Kausland has himself been a part of and trained in MMA gyms in Norway and other countries. When he now steps into the cage with a professional fighter, it is to test the boundary between fascination for and the experience of the physical challenge as well as the mental challenge.

Published by CTRL+Z Publishing
ISBN: 9788292817056
Texts by Lars Fr. Svendsen, Erlend Hammer and Susanne Christensen