Espen Tveit

Norwegian Ski Jumps

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Ski-jumping used to be one of the most popular sports in Norway. Today there are only 200 inrun towers left in the country, most of them on the road to destruction. During a couple of years photographer Espen Tveit photographed most of them. His black and white photographs, printed in triotone, are mysterious and beautiful. 

“I have waited for cloudy weather, photographed in rain and climbed in rugged terrain. The old ski-jumps were steeper than the new ones and only few had stairs to climb. I had a standing joke during this period: if anyone asked me how I was doing, I replied that my life had its ups and downs.”
- Espen Tveit

Published by Journal Forlag
ISBN: 9789187939211
Design, edit and layout: Espen Tveit and Gösta Flemming
100 pages, 20 x 34,7 cm
Text by Espen Tveit
Translation to English: Frank Watson 
Translation to Swedish: Gösta Flemming