Objektiv #12

150,00 kr

Objektiv #12 was inspired by the conference Fast Forward: Women in Photography which took place at Tate Modern 6th and 7th of November. Keen to contribute to this initiative, we have singled out three women whom we would like to fast forward: B. Ingrid Olson, Marie Svindt and Lieko Shiga.

The Scandinavian journal Objektiv is a biannual art publication with a focus on photography and film. When we launched the very first issue six years ago, our mission was to act like a time-capsule, documenting where contemporary lens-based art is today. We adopted a gallery-in-a-journal format, where we could show, discuss and challenge photography, film and video art. Since the beginning we have asked artists to reflect on the medium in conversations with other artists, and for every issue we have invited an artist to make an exhibition within the magazine.  

Objektiv is distributed all over Norway, and in all big Scandinavian cities plus Berlin, Paris and New York. 

Founder and editor in chief: Nina Strand

Advisory board:
Ida Kierulf, Brian Sholis, Sara Larsen Stiansen, Lucas Blalock and Susanne Østby Sæther 

Objektiv is published by Objektiv Forlag AS