Verena Winkelmann


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An artist book by Verena Winkelmann.

About the works and exhibition: 
"I spent a period of four years traveling through small towns of eastern Norway. During this exploration of the non-urban parts of Norway my work mainly focused on people and where they are, with a focus on the portrayal of a common mental condition. The works from this period resulted in the book Placed (Arthub, 2008)

Through a large number of photos acquired through a serial photographic process the choice of images and their alignment make up a crucial point. Photography as a series demands that they are put together in a particular order to create a certain narrative.

The question I ask is: how do the individual images work together in a series and what do they communicate once put together? Serial projects made by individual images often have a fragmentary nature, so that the series is dependent on being read in its entirety to be understood. The selection of images for the exhibition offers a complexity where the interaction between the individual images create yet another separate level of understanding. The span between the works may help to create a whole and an interpretation for the viewer."

The work has been shown at Galerie ASPN, Leipzig in 2008 and at Akershus Kunstnersenter, 2009.