Dag Nordbrenden

Rub with Ashes

250,00 kr

A book by Norwegian photographer Dag Nordbrenden.

Dag Nordbrenden is a Norwegian artist working with photography. His work explores different concepts and genres of the medium. His new book 'Rub with Ashes' is a compilation of photographs of recent years, and reflects Nordbrenden's nomadic lifestyle. The photographs are rooted in a documentary tradition, and the book combines snapshot observations with more loaded, still life-oriented scenes. A diversity of themes are being played out where motifs are mixed together; landscapes, details of interiors, scenes from after a fire, museums and monuments, and some of his meetings with stray cats in Istanbul. Many images show milieus from different parts of the world, social gatherings and local events, which can be viewed in global perspective. The book dwells at the individual, more autonomous photograph - and how these images influence each other in combinations. By interweaving the lyrical with the more political, Nordbrenden creates a space where different subject matters start communicating with each other.

ISBN: 9788299658614
82 pages, 21 x 25 cm