Nico Ilfoveanu

Series. Multiples. Realisms.

150,00 kr

In cooperation with the Romanian Cultural Institute Berlin uqbar presents Series. Multiples. Realisms., a solo exhibition by artist Nico Ilfoveanu, curated by Alina Şerban. The project was initially shown at the Romanian Peasant Museum in Bucharest in 2012 and is accompanied by a publication. For the exhibition at uqbar the artist brings together photography, text, slide projection and Super8 film.
Series. Multiples. Realisms. is focusing on the construction of a photographic series dealing with the public monuments created in memory of World War I in the rural environment. In the quiet landscape of the Romanian villages, a fragile profile of the soldiers as known heroes is captured, disclosing not only a mutual historical experience, but also a universe that formed the object of radical transformations in the last years. Apparently disconnected from their background, the lives of these lonely characters provide the passer-by with an incursion into a collective social practice. The layers of such practice are activating, beyond the daily resignation and oblivion, sui generisshapes in which the sphere of the national is represented, and the public discourse is interpreted.