Per Christian Brown

Shadow Lessons

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"The relationship between what we perceive as being real, and the fictional and imaginary is a recurrent theme in all my projects. By staging scenes and tableaux vivants using lighting, props, models etc., I try to capture and visualize an emotional and poetic substance referring to desire, longing, and the flickering imagery of dreams and reveries. By adopting a theatrical approach to the photographs, videos and installations, I wish to lend new, dramatic significance to what seem to be everyday situations, and a world of symbols and representations is revealed.

The point of departure of all my photographic work is darkness, and the mysteries unleashed by the emotional force of the night. In my nocturnal park scenes, the pastoral merges with and reflects cultural phenomena of sexual interaction, transforming the landscape into a twisted Arcadian fantasy. Alluding to nature's intrinsic strive, the echo of desire is what gives power to these pieces.

In recent years, enclosed spaces and interiors have formed the bases of my tableaux. Inspired by an amalgam of references ad influenced by cinema and art history, I try to construct ambiguous narratives using models taking on different characters in staged settings. When we are confronted with images, a narrative process is sparked. This process involves subjective impressions and cultural conceptions, but also personal memories or the revival of fragents of things forgotten. It is in this dynamic interaction between the viewers perception and my story-telling that my pieces unfold."

Published by Per Christian Brown
ISBN: 9788299780001
79 pages
Essays by Trond Borgen og Geir Haraldseth