Margareta Bergman

Slik at jeg fikk hele utsikten i ansiktet

120,00 kr

The book showcases work by Swedish photographer Margareta Bergman and presents sensors and thoughtful photographs; apples on the table, a womans shoulder, water droplets on a pullover, a small pile of strawberries. Bergman's pictures offers to us a certain beauty, but are first and foremost mundane and prosaic. It appears almost like Bergman takes photographs in a state of distraction. The images do not sacrifice any ambiguous faces or eloquent gazes, only fragments of the body parts, for instance the perspective of the back head, or closed eyes. The insignificant becomes significant and vice versa.

Published by Unipax
ISBN: 9788253024653
Text by Ole Robert Sunde, Carina Hedén and Ingrid Book.