Verena Winkelmann


299,00 kr

At a low-security prison you can look in through the fences. There are houses right outside where ordinary people live their lives. So what is really the difference between being inside and outside, when the boundaries are hardly even visible? 

Serving time in prison means a continuous rotation of sleep, food, and work activities. It is the routines that shape the days.

As a photographer I bring my gaze into the prison with me. But as someone who’s on the outside of the prison fence, I also have to turn this gaze back on myself when I too am on the inside. What am I trying to accomplish with this project? What is artistic activity? Can my pictures show a situation that says something about being either shut in or shut out?

Some of the photographs are taken on my way from or to the prison. Making pictures outside the defined zone is a way to open up and let the experiences from the prison affect the surroundings.

Published by Teknisk Industri
ISBN: 9788293281252
Design by Alexandra Rusitschka
48 pages
Language: Norwegian/English