Spesial Nord #3

250,00 kr

Spesial Nord is a new Nordic art publication run by Iselin Linstad Hauge and Christina Leithe Hansen. Issues are released four times each year. The focus is Nordic contemporary art and being able to present new and exclusive artists projects for each publication.

“Hidden Matter”- A Private Collection, consists of posters (photography and text). This issue was first shown as an exhibition at Prosjektrommet, Trafo Kunsthall, curated by Marthe Walthinsen. Therefor, if you buy the issue# 3 of Spesial Nord, you buy all the works exhibited, and thus have acquired your own collection.

Artists: Anna Strand (SE), Bettina Camilla Vestergaard (DK), Iselin Linstad Hauge (NO), Edvard Gran(NO), Signe Vad (DK), Arja Hyytiäinen (FIN), Christina Leithe (NO), Solveig Syversen (NO), Emil Salto (DK)

Published by Spesial Nord
ISBN: 1891-375X
Design by NODE Oslo
11 posters
84 x 59 cm
Edition of 500