Victor Boullet

Sstrangling Ffrozen Fflamingo

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"Sstrangling Ffrozen Fflamingo is the second installment in a trilogy, if I have interpreted the cryptic fragments of information the book provides us with correctly. I have not read the first one, Time is the Assasin, and the third one, Pull That That, is not out yet. It is unclear to me what kind of literature this is – even after having read the whole book I'm still not sure. The plot evolves around the protagonist Victor Boullet and his relation to his childhood home. The chronology is jumbled so it's kind of hard to piece together the story. Suffice to say that Victor grew up in Oslo, lives in Paris, and has come back to Oslo because his mother is selling the house he grew up in. He walks around the place and feels connected to it in various pathological ways and has flashbacks. One of these flashbacks form the most substantial part of the book. Here is related in detail a night out a few years earlier, where the neighbourhood bar, Flamingo, plays a prominent part.

Despite that the author at times falls for the temptation to turn Hemingway's Iceberg Theory on its head and overindulge his desire to interpret the story's protagonist, the book offers an entertaining and thought-provoking read."
- Mona H. 

Published by Antenne Publishing and Frentic Happiness
ISBN: 9781908806031
96 pages, 21x17 cm
Written by Stian Gabrielsen.