Hasselblad foundation

Still Life Work Life

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Still life/Work life unites two very different photographic genres, still life and documentary photography, through a rich and varied selection from the Hasselblad Foundation collection. The juxtaposition of still lives and photographs documenting work life reflects photography’s complex cultural history, as well as the medium’s formal, aesthetic, and social means. The book presents twenty-five artists from different generations and traditions, from Lennart Nilsson and Kerstin Bernhard, to Elina Brotherus and Walid Raad. Their works are contextualized in the introduction by curator Dragana Vujanovic and in the essay “Things and People—Still Lifes Meet Work Lives” by researcher Louise Wolthers. This title is the first in a series of thematic books and exhibitions based on the Hasselblad Foundation Collection.

Published by Art and Theory Publishing
ISBN:  9789198087406
Editors: Dragana Vujanovic and Louise Wolthers
128 pages, 21 x 27 cm
Swedish and English