Victor Boullet, Edie McKay

The Institute of Social Hypocricy - 02 - Edie McKay - Like Stupidity, Evil is self-hypnotic

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Twice a year, The Institute of Social Hypocrisy publishes a fanzine. These publications serve as a tool with a dual purpose. Primarily they are a means to put out developing art projects by a range of invited artists and contributors, throughout the duration of the ISH project.

They also play another role, and via their glossy design and print production they function as a vehicle to put the featured work and the existence of the Institute out into a new arena. To bring awareness to the project within a domain that is often restricted and to create a physical manifestation that will endure after the life of the ISH is extinguished.

These fanzines are neither publications for reference, nor books of completed projects. They are a means for artists to put their work in front of new audiences in order to invite input and discussion, thus helping the project to develop. They allow the artist to take a level of control and give a certain independence with regards to the traditional scope of the distribution of their work.

Published by Lauren Monchar
ISBN: 9780954401641
30 x 21 cm
Author: Edie McKay og