Anne Lise Stenseth

The Kiss And Waste Project

250,00 kr

A publication containing documentation of The Kiss & Waste Project presented at Orionteatern from 16-19 November during Re:Imagining Cultural Space.  

The Kiss & Waste Project was produced within the framework of Black/North SEAS.

About the project:
"To date the project consists of  13 video essays/portraits made in Black Sea and North Sea countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Sweden, Norway and England. Stenseth has asked women from each country to write letters to her and imagine that they are the artist’s mother, sister, girlfriend or relative. Stenseth is then using the texts as a manuscript for each video. The letters are read, rehearsed, and interpreted in different ways for the camera, and this is mixed with documentary material.

The diverse content of the videos vary from the personal to the political and the main leitmotifs are identity and migration. Reflections and questions about personal struggle, political transition and changes in contemporary Europe.

The Kiss And Waste Project is a hugely impressive achievement: subtle, diverse and complex in its portrayal of women’s many and varied experiences.”
Nottingham Visual Arts

”Through the process of working with local women and by using a combination of interpretation and representation, fictional and documentary material I try to encounter and reflect upon different aspects of personal, social and public states of being. “The inner and outer space” so to say.”"

Published by Sogn og Fjordane Museum of Fine Art