Tine Bek

The Vulgarity of Being Three Dimensional

100,00 kr

"Juxtaposes subtle portraiture with uncannily vivid still lifes, a weird sensual tension resonates through these pages & is enhanced by the actually tangible grain of the print."

The Vulgarity Of Being Three-Dimensional acts as an investigative process relating to the different sections of Blixen’s story, while dealing with themes intrinsic to the photographic object and the relationship to its own image. Bek reflects on how a moment’s tangibility is transformed into a two-dimensional element through photography, and the project aims to challenge the understanding of one self, identity and the ‘obscurity of being’: acting and existing alongside our own mirrored image.

The catalogue was published in connection with Bek's exhibition by the same title at Fotogalleriet in 2017. 

Published by Good Press
24 pages, 21x27,9 cm