Morten Andersen

Untitled Cities

370,00 kr

"Black and white, color, positive, negative, alienated, toned blue, green, red and purple, architecture, portrait, street, nature, longshot, close-up ...
All that we havealready seen by Morten Andersen in a number of very good books before. But all in one book and presented so self-confident and Persuasive Thats it drags us into an apocalyptic vision of beauty and decay, joy and fear, past and future - this never happened before.
And like the Beatles , WHO in 1968 encased the most tender love songs, silly party knockers, insane sound collages, earthy blues numbers, driving rockers and sweet pop pearls in a neutral white envelope, Because everything else would have been a fraud, Morten Andersen wraps up his different styles in a shiny white softcover.
The inscription with his name embossed APPEARS in capital letters and slightly oblique on the title. In the same angle as THE BEATLES on the white album. "  ( Hannes Wanderer )