Charlotte Haslund-Christensen


1.100,00 kr

Charlotte Haslund-Christensen has photographed over 40 LGBTQ people in the basement of Copenhagen Police Station - mugshots of the criminals they would be in the 76 countries that outlaw same-sex relationships. The title WHO'S NEXT? is inspired by Niemöller's protest against political apathy during the rise of Nazism: 'First they came for the communists/ And I didn't speak out/ Because I wasn't a communist ...'.

Reproducing and representing the archive, the exhibition and limited edition book box contain 42 mugshots printed in the police format in original plastic sleeves with Niemöller's poem as frontispiece.

The book box had its international launch at The Hasselblad Foundation, where the first solo exhibition of WHO’S NEXT? was held in spring 2013.

WHO'S NEXT? continues the artist's investigation of the role of photography in framing and creating minorities. Adressing processes of exclusion and stigmatization, the project is an appeal to solidarity, community and respect. The book box is currently being smuggled to regions where LGBTQ people are denied basic human rights.

Published by Space Poetry
Binding: Loose Leaves
Edition of 250
Signed box set containing 42 photographic prints